Total home gym - Get Started with Your Home Gym

It is motivation that will in the first place induce you to endorse a weight loss program, and then incite your will power to stick to the regime. Now that you have invested in a home gym, it is clear that you are serious enough to pursue an exercise regime to lose weight and keep yourself fit. In order to reach your goal, you have to recharge your inner self with a fresh level of motivation everyday as it is a continuous process and you have to be consistent in your endeavors. Here we offer a few simple tricks to ignite your passion for success.

• Take up a journey through the past by leafing through the pages of an old album and look at how beautiful you used to look in those days. Select the photograph in which you looked your best and place it on the bedside table, so that it is the first thing you see on waking up. It will keep your motivation intact and you will find yourself spending more time at your home gym everyday.

• Then, it is always important to set a realistic goal. You have to accept the fact that at thirty you cannot get back the figure that you possessed in your teens because of a variety of biological reasons. But you can definitely stay in shape and remain healthy. So instead of setting an impossible target at once, set up small targets. For example never promise yourself never to gorge on chocolates in your life. It is an impossible promise to keep and breaking the promise will only lead to your despair and affect your motivation negatively. Instead, your promise to yourself should involve such little things as extra fifteen minutes at your home gym. The fulfillment of these small targets adds to the sense of achievement and will motivate you further in attaining your goals.

• Reward yourself to boost up your morale. Think of some small incentives for every small achievement. For instance, pamper yourself by watching a movie after you have fulfilled a target. On accomplishment of a more complex task, go for a short vacation and just like this, do anything that incurs a feeling of immediate gratification and you will soon find yourself becoming more and more enthusiastic in your efforts.

• Also keep the company of people who are supportive of your efforts; they will fill you with a positive vibe. On the other hand, strictly avoid those people who are cynical and poke fun at your pursuits.

• The final and most important motivational tip is to keep a positive mind and repeat these words several times a day, “I will do it”. This will keep you charged with motivation all through your fitness program.