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The Bowflex Revolution Gym is a breakthrough in home gym design and is unlike anything I've seen or used before, and believe me I've about done it all in the home gym market...

When Nautilus introduced the new Bowflex Revolution, they sent shock waves through the fitness industry with their breakthrough design and cutting edge technology that's derived from NASA.

The Revolution is unlike any other home gym on the market and may seem like a radical design to the uninformed, but rest assured this machine is no gimmick, it delivers on every level of performance.

Bowflex has outfitted the Revolution with a new resistance technology that they borrowed from the Astronaut training program for strength training in zero gravity. The new resistance system is dubbed 'SpiraFlex' by Bowflex.

The advantage of using Spiraflex resistance vs. power rods is immediately apparent when you start working out on this machine. The Spiraflex resistance delivers a linear, uniform amount of resistance throughout each exercise, where the power rods become more difficult to move the more they bend (resistance is higher at maximum contraction).

To change the amount resistance on the Revolution, simply add or subtract one of the spiraflex plates (they're substantially lighter than traditional weight plates by the way).

Key Specs on the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym:

* 220 lbs. of resistance (upgradeable to 300 lbs.) Up to 600 lbs. of resistance for leg presses (with upgrade)
* Smooth, solid SpiraFlex® technology - developed first for use by astronauts to work out on the International Space Station
* Leg Curl - fold down the padded seat and you've got a gym-quality leg curl station
* Ultra smooth, built-in rowing machine for calorie-burning, cardiovascular warm-up and cool-down
* Preacher Curl - use it to isolate your biceps and work your upper arms more efficiently than is possible with free weights
* Dual variable Freedom Arms - pivot a full 170 degrees to offer a full range of exercises for your upper body
* Space-efficient design - easily fits in areas and rooms with normal ceiling heights
* 10-Year Limited Warranty, 6-Week Fitness Results Guaranteed.

Along with the new resistance on the Revolution, Bowflex incorporated pivoting arms that rotate a full 170 degrees. These new arms allow you effectively mimic free weight and dumbbell training, are great for core training, and make the machine effective for functional strength training movements that are applicable to recreational sports and everyday life.

The only drawback to the Bowflex Revolution is the price of the machine. It's high enough that some people won't even consider buying one, and that's too bad - they'll miss out on one of the best home gyms on the market.

If you're in the market for a new home gym, I really think you should give the revolution a close look, it's a really nice machine that will last you for years and delivers a workout that rivals any health club quality workout you've ever done (and as a bonus you never have to leave your home).

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