Total Gym XLS, 2000 and 3000 - Review

We all have the Infomercial with Chuck Norris and bright women. In the commercial try to sell interesting Main Gym, which I have always wondered. She was always very interesting for me that you really could work without any kind of weights. With Total Gym Home gym, use your own resistance and calculate the weight of your body. Nice at the Total Gym XLS, 2000 and 3000 is that a whole body workout. Not only you create muscle and strength, but you are also a big heart and workout. It really is the ideal gym at home to a form. They are well established, which allows the muscles and build more and more narrow or clay. They only increase the resistance if you want to build more muscles and can reduce if you want to start training tone workout.


The right thing about the Total Gym XLS, 2000 and 3000 is that they are all very easy to use. They come with 80 different exercises that you can do. The reason this is so nice is because it leaves you with a lot of options and you do not have to get board with your workouts. Not only that, but you would have no idea what to do or how to use it if you did not have the exercise book that comes with it.

The Total Gym is very easy to put together. There is really no assembly required and it only takes a few minutes to get it up and running. The shipping is rather fast, and you can start working out within days of ordering the Total Gym.

The best thing I found about any Total Gym is the interesting Trial that they offer. The company actually offers a risk free 30 day trial that will only cost you one dollar. So, you can actually try it out before you buy it right at home for 30 days. If you do not like it then all you lost was the time you spent trying it out and the one dollar you spent to get it. You would then just simply send it back with no questions asked.

Another great thing about the Total Gym is that there are a lot of options. There is three different models : the XLS, 3000 and 2000. The 2000 is the standard and the 3000 and XLS are upgrades. If you are looking for just a simple home gym to keep in shape the 2000 would be just fine. I never really saw a point in the 3000 though. If you are going to upgrade then you should definitely go with the XLS. It's a lot more expensive but it could be worth the extra money.

The XLS basically walks you through everything; it is a lot like a personal trainer. There area few different DVD workouts, workout tools, eating guides, and much more. The biggest difference between the three is the weight capacity which is 400lbs, 300lbs and 250lbs. The 2000 is the lower level Total Gym and the 3000 is the middle level Gym. There is a pretty big price range between all three levels of the Total Gym. Each product has more features as it moves up. The 2000 is $399 while the XLS is around $1700. With such a huge price difference it is very important to research your needs before you invest in the Total Gym. Some people would be perfectly fine with the 2000 and would save a lot of money purchasing that one versus the XLS. For someone who needs a lot out of their workout, or wants all the special features; the XLS is probably the way to go. If you are in between, then of course they still have the Total Gym 3000, which is the middle line product that they offer. Research, and knowing what out what you want is important.

Faithfully, if you serious about working out and you are looking to get huge, then this is not the best home gym for you. If you are just looking for a day to day quality short full body workout, then the Total Gym is perfect for you. They have three options, and only you know what is right for you.