Total Gym Xl - Home gym review

total home gym

The Total Gym Xl is the new TotalGym model that's being pushed on TV by Chuck Norris and Christy Brinkley.

So what sets the Total Gym Xl apart from its' predecessors and the similar Total Gym's now on the market? Let's take a look and find out if the new Xl is worth the money...

The main differences between the new XL and the lower end Total Gym's like the 1700 club is, the Total Gym Xl has:

* a longer glide board that's a bit wider with some extra padding
* an additional workout video
* one additional ankle cuff
* more height adjustment than lesser models
* a larger squat platform
* extra chrome
* a user weight limit of 400 pounds (300 pounds on cheaper models

The Total Gym XL is a viable option to a machine like the Bowflex Revolution and will be a little easier on the wallet, but it's a completely different kind of workout than most exercise machines.

I'd compare the workout on the Total Gym XL to be a good toning and Pilates workout and is NOT suited to users who want to add a bunch of muscle.

If you're looking for a Total Gym model for your home, I still think the Total Gym 1700 Club is the best value from Total Gym, and the Bayou Total Trainer is another good alternative for beginner's who don't want to invest $1000 plus on a home gym but still want a good machine.

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