Designing Home Gym with your health in mind

These days, if health is the main problem, there is really no excuse for anyone not to keep fit. This explains the growing appeal of home fitness equipment as a way for people who want to improve their physical fitness, trim of excess fat and only feel comfortable. Where do you fit and healthy is one of your most important priorities, the best time to begin. Different ways of ensuring your health needs in the gym at home work:

Consider your fitness

Never invest in a home, the gym is too complicated for your fitness level. If you are a beginner, multi-gym can look very impressive machine, but ga can do more than I do now. The machine has 40 variations of training, and you can only 5. The equation is simply not true.

True, with time, effort and patience, you probably can progress from there. The problem is you spend too much money for equipment, you will not be much use. Best to invest in a home gym, offers basic training is needed for your fitness level. If in the future, you need more challenge, you can gradually accessories.

Get cardiovascular training.

If you've read the article in a fitness magazine, you will inevitably come across the word "cardio". This is the abbreviation of the heart. Its refers to the exercises that will help you to increase your heart rate. This will boost the blood pumping stations in order to help you burn more calories and lose the excess fat gradually. These exercises in which you have to go faster and exert more effort.

Normally at home fitness equipment, which allows you to cardiovascular exercises. The fact is that in almost every gym at home, you will find cardiovascular machines. They are the core of the gym, in which each exercise routines are based. Some of the devices, serves this purpose include:

- the stationary bike
- the rowing machine
- the treadmill
- the elliptical
- the stair climber

Build up your strength.

Although the population in the average patient needs to be good with regular use of equipment and cardiovascular exercises, many choose their practices to include force-building. For this purpose, a good set of weights. Dumbbell, weighted vest, ankle weights and kettlebells are good options. Lifting heavy weights to help build muscle mass and trim away fat, while burning calories in the same period. Plus, they are ideal for building muscle and muscle to eliminate "jiggles" as alleged in the upper arms, buttocks and thighs.

Consider the weight start to the low 3lbs. for women and adolescents, and 5 to 10lbs. for men. Graduate weights are often sold, so you should have a reasonable choice for various fitness and health. Remember, to start the practice, use lighter weights. If your strength is the foundation, in order to progress heavier weights.

A weights are very affordable (you can buy a dumbbell from just 0.35 dollars a pound) and easy to find. Sporting goods stores and supermarkets.

If you do not want more money for training forces, but want to build your muscles, consider rowing machine. This is a great cardio equipment, and it works well the track and different muscle groups than those in hand, buttocks, thighs and legs.


If your fitness goal is to tone your body, you can buy at home fitness equipment with cardiovascular exercise, and then go to one against education. Strengthening exercises are ideal for people who want fat, but not too many muscles. Light weight can help, do so and resistance bands, yoga and Pilates.

Determining the number of users.

Number of persons in the household, you want to use the gym at home will also determine what kind of equipment you should buy. Remember that every member of your family with different health needs, they want to. You may need to pilot training, for example, during your spouse requires strength training. Their children, on the other hand, May require cardiovascular training.

Consider the health needs of their ideal home fitness equipment must meet - lose weight, trim away fat, increasing muscle mass or tone muscles burn calories more efficiently. When you understand what people gym at home requires, you can determine what equipment to buy.

Consult your doctor.

Before starting a home fitness routine, it's a good idea to get your physician's green light. Having your doctor check your health conditions will help you identify the types of exercises that will be helpful for you. This will then guide you on which equipment to buy for your home gym. Furthermore, your doctor will help rule out any health conditions you may have that may hamper your performance.

Decorating Home Gym Atmospheres

This general observation that a train will reach higher fitness, we must recognize that the best way his team is always available. Better extent of their high school, more likely is that your wisdom.

For the same reason that drives people to own gym at home is the independence and flexibility, they have the feeling that the timetable for its work. They also reduce problems related costs in the gym, parking and use by only the symptoms, how and when it is deemed necessary.

Ways of Decorating Home Gym Atmosphere:

If you look for further progress in the creation of home gym, then some time in research on the type of equipment that is required to meet their needs. You may also participate in the recruitment of a coach for the investigation. After buying the necessary equipment at a reasonable attention to improving the atmosphere of home gym to success in the task.

With the founding of the wall or sending some photos on the wall, assistance in the development are very easy ways to decorate a home gym atmosphere. You can use pictures of the outside world scenic amenities that relaxed during the exercises. Decorating gel should also identity of a person who is experiencing challenges. These tips are simple and easy to follow, but in general, to succeed will help to the wishes of the session.

Another form of ornaments Home gym atmosphere reminiscent of the targets set for itself, making the classification of these objectives and by mail to the walls. In addition, if you have a kind of reward, if he / she meets the objectives, then the image and reward. To check the photos of the work place have to pay a visit or a car, a purchase contract from the plans, if the objectives are achieved.

Why Decorating of the gym atmosphere is important ?

The reference point for the decoration of the gym atmosphere at home is the development of an environment that is favourable for those to motivate the work and allows him / her to go more than necessary to achieve the best results. The basis for the decoration of the gym atmosphere at home, the person, his / her feet to move forward and reach their goal. Remember that you will enjoy the programme, and homework should do as far as we can make the best use.

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Total Gym XLS, 2000 and 3000 - Review

We all have the Infomercial with Chuck Norris and bright women. In the commercial try to sell interesting Main Gym, which I have always wondered. She was always very interesting for me that you really could work without any kind of weights. With Total Gym Home gym, use your own resistance and calculate the weight of your body. Nice at the Total Gym XLS, 2000 and 3000 is that a whole body workout. Not only you create muscle and strength, but you are also a big heart and workout. It really is the ideal gym at home to a form. They are well established, which allows the muscles and build more and more narrow or clay. They only increase the resistance if you want to build more muscles and can reduce if you want to start training tone workout.


The right thing about the Total Gym XLS, 2000 and 3000 is that they are all very easy to use. They come with 80 different exercises that you can do. The reason this is so nice is because it leaves you with a lot of options and you do not have to get board with your workouts. Not only that, but you would have no idea what to do or how to use it if you did not have the exercise book that comes with it.

The Total Gym is very easy to put together. There is really no assembly required and it only takes a few minutes to get it up and running. The shipping is rather fast, and you can start working out within days of ordering the Total Gym.

The best thing I found about any Total Gym is the interesting Trial that they offer. The company actually offers a risk free 30 day trial that will only cost you one dollar. So, you can actually try it out before you buy it right at home for 30 days. If you do not like it then all you lost was the time you spent trying it out and the one dollar you spent to get it. You would then just simply send it back with no questions asked.

Another great thing about the Total Gym is that there are a lot of options. There is three different models : the XLS, 3000 and 2000. The 2000 is the standard and the 3000 and XLS are upgrades. If you are looking for just a simple home gym to keep in shape the 2000 would be just fine. I never really saw a point in the 3000 though. If you are going to upgrade then you should definitely go with the XLS. It's a lot more expensive but it could be worth the extra money.

The XLS basically walks you through everything; it is a lot like a personal trainer. There area few different DVD workouts, workout tools, eating guides, and much more. The biggest difference between the three is the weight capacity which is 400lbs, 300lbs and 250lbs. The 2000 is the lower level Total Gym and the 3000 is the middle level Gym. There is a pretty big price range between all three levels of the Total Gym. Each product has more features as it moves up. The 2000 is $399 while the XLS is around $1700. With such a huge price difference it is very important to research your needs before you invest in the Total Gym. Some people would be perfectly fine with the 2000 and would save a lot of money purchasing that one versus the XLS. For someone who needs a lot out of their workout, or wants all the special features; the XLS is probably the way to go. If you are in between, then of course they still have the Total Gym 3000, which is the middle line product that they offer. Research, and knowing what out what you want is important.

Faithfully, if you serious about working out and you are looking to get huge, then this is not the best home gym for you. If you are just looking for a day to day quality short full body workout, then the Total Gym is perfect for you. They have three options, and only you know what is right for you.

Bowflex Xceed Plus Home Gym

Bowflex Xceed Plus Home Gym with Gym Style Ab Attachment

total home gym

Get serious about your strength training at home with the Bowflex Xceed home gym, which includes a lat tower, squat station, leg attachment and adjustable pulley system for over 65 gym-quality exercises. It comes standard with 310 pounds of real Power Rod resistance. The integrated lat tower with angled lat bar helps to build back and shoulder muscles quickly. The upper and lower pulley/squat station enables you to do squats and build your gluts, hamstrings and quads. The Xceed also has multiple cable/pulley positions for custom workouts.

With the included abs attachment, you'll be able to perform ab crunch exercises like in the gym. Advanced engineering allows you to get great results fast by specifically targeting abdominal and core muscles, and it also works great for lower back extension exercises. A locking mechanism allows easy in, easy out access, and a foam chest pad provides large, comfortable area to push on.

The leg extension/leg curl attachment rivals specialized leg equipment found in gyms, and will help you develop strong, muscular legs. Efficient and easy to use, the leg attachment connects easily, and can be removed in seconds for using the squat station.

The Xceed Plus utilizes Bowflex's patented Power Rods, which provide resistance, or weight, that feels as good as or better than free weights--but without the inertia or risk of joint pain usually associated with free weights.
The Xceed utilizes Bowflex's patented Power Rods, which provide resistance, or weight, that feels as good as or better than free weights--but without the inertia or risk of joint pain usually associated with free weights. You can hook one, two, three, four or all of your Power Rod units to the cable pulley system and go from as little as 5 pounds all the way up to 310 pounds of resistance.

They're precisely manufactured from a high-tech composite material under the highest quality control measures, then sheathed and tested 4 separate times to ensure quality and durability. The Power Rod units are so strong, you can flex them repeatedly but you won't be able to wear them out. In fact, they're so strong, Bowflex backs them with its No-Time-Limit Warranty free replacement offer.

Feature Detail:

* Gym-style vertical workout position
* Adjustable, quick release seat with Polyurethane cushion
* Reinforced "X"-shaped base for maximum stability
* Compact size for smaller workout spaces
* Triple function hand-grip/ankle cuffs
* Workout area: 7 by 6 feet
* Dimensions: 82.7 by 55.1 by 51.2 inches (HxLxW)
* High density padding with vinyl cover
* Powder-coated heavy-duty steel frame

Check out customer review about this home gym.

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Total Gym XLS

total home gym

Build strength... burn calories... shape up and slim down with Total Gym. 10 to 20 minutes a day is all it takes! Your Total Gym XLS will include our new upgraded pulley and cable system, flexible nylon strap handles, an upgraded squat stand, a padded glideboard with head support and the chrome package. You will also receive the wing attachment, leg pull accessory and Pilates kit! All of our Total Gym XLS models include the exercise wall chart, training deck as well as 3 instructional DVDs that will keep you on track and help get you the body you deserve.

Find customer reviews about this gym

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Total Gym Xl - Home gym review

total home gym

The Total Gym Xl is the new TotalGym model that's being pushed on TV by Chuck Norris and Christy Brinkley.

So what sets the Total Gym Xl apart from its' predecessors and the similar Total Gym's now on the market? Let's take a look and find out if the new Xl is worth the money...

The main differences between the new XL and the lower end Total Gym's like the 1700 club is, the Total Gym Xl has:

* a longer glide board that's a bit wider with some extra padding
* an additional workout video
* one additional ankle cuff
* more height adjustment than lesser models
* a larger squat platform
* extra chrome
* a user weight limit of 400 pounds (300 pounds on cheaper models

The Total Gym XL is a viable option to a machine like the Bowflex Revolution and will be a little easier on the wallet, but it's a completely different kind of workout than most exercise machines.

I'd compare the workout on the Total Gym XL to be a good toning and Pilates workout and is NOT suited to users who want to add a bunch of muscle.

If you're looking for a Total Gym model for your home, I still think the Total Gym 1700 Club is the best value from Total Gym, and the Bayou Total Trainer is another good alternative for beginner's who don't want to invest $1000 plus on a home gym but still want a good machine.

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Total Body Works 5000

total home gym

The Weider Total Body Works 5000 Bench features a telescoping design, incline adjustment and rolling seat for a convenient and versatile workout. The space-saving Weider Total Body Works also includes additional weight resistance to give you a more complete and effective exercise session.


* Features telescoping design
* Space saver
* Rolling seat
* Sit-up / high handle
* Helps perform leg squats

And here is some costumer reviews for this home gym Product :

Dunestrider :

I've been looking for quite a while for an "all-in-one" home gym, to replace several pieces of gym equipment that I've been using regularly for several years: a Weider 8510 pulley-type machine, a Roman crunch bench; a Body by Jake; and free weights.

I looked at the "Total Gym" machine (the one pushed by Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris). I went to their website and requested their free video; a few days later, I got a phone call from them, telling me that if I bought it that very day, I could save $100. "I want the video", I said. I never got the video. That sent up "red flags" in my head for the Total Gym people. I resent being hustled.

Steve Doan :
My body is hurting. I've checked this and the total gym out before buying and i havve t o say save yourself a couple hundred dollars and get something that may not have the same name, but does absolutely the same thing. it comes with 4 things that you have to install and its easy, unless something is really wrong with you. You use your body weight as resistance along with the 4 resistance cables that are attached. You also get posters of workout moves that you can do. fold down, easy to get out of the way, Im happy with this buy and im sure you will be too.

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Bowflex Revolution FT Home Gym

total home gym

The Bowflex Revolution FT home gym is a smooth, versatile, and compact piece of equipment in the Bowflex arsenal. The Revolution is distinguished by the company's SpiraFlex resistance technology, which provides a polished, consistent resistance through the entire range of motion--a principal ingredient in developing lean, strong muscles. The versatility of these lightweight interlocking plates lets you quickly and easily adjust the resistance on the Revolution from 10 to 200 pounds for upper body workouts (which can be upgraded to 280 pounds). The machine duplicates virtually every exercise from your local gym, with Freedom Arms that adjust 170 degrees to work muscles from various angles.

The machine also includes a leg press plate for your lower body, along with a five-position foot harness. All told, the Revolution supports more than 90 exercises, including a comprehensive core and abs workout. Other details include comfortable hand grips and a DVD workout video. The Revolution measures 65 by 38 by 73 inches (L x W x H) and offers a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Key Features:

* Features Spiraflex resistance technology
* Includes 200 pounds of resistance, can be upgraded to 280 pounds
* Resistance curve provides a smooth and even feel
* Independent moving arms provide multiple angles
* Five-position foot harness
* Easy to move from one exercise to the next
* Each side works independently so two users can use the Revolution at the same time
* The resistance will follow the user's path of motion with its cable pulley system
* Will accommodate any fitness level; can be used in five-pound increments up to 300 pounds
* Synthetic cables offer a 46-inch cable travel
* Workout Area: 84 x 64 inches
* Assembled Weight: 235 pounds
* Assembled Dimensions: 65 by 38 by 73 inches (L x W x H)

Manufacturer's Warranty
Ten-year warranty on all parts

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Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

total home gym

The Bowflex Revolution Gym is a breakthrough in home gym design and is unlike anything I've seen or used before, and believe me I've about done it all in the home gym market...

When Nautilus introduced the new Bowflex Revolution, they sent shock waves through the fitness industry with their breakthrough design and cutting edge technology that's derived from NASA.

The Revolution is unlike any other home gym on the market and may seem like a radical design to the uninformed, but rest assured this machine is no gimmick, it delivers on every level of performance.

Bowflex has outfitted the Revolution with a new resistance technology that they borrowed from the Astronaut training program for strength training in zero gravity. The new resistance system is dubbed 'SpiraFlex' by Bowflex.

The advantage of using Spiraflex resistance vs. power rods is immediately apparent when you start working out on this machine. The Spiraflex resistance delivers a linear, uniform amount of resistance throughout each exercise, where the power rods become more difficult to move the more they bend (resistance is higher at maximum contraction).

To change the amount resistance on the Revolution, simply add or subtract one of the spiraflex plates (they're substantially lighter than traditional weight plates by the way).

Key Specs on the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym:

* 220 lbs. of resistance (upgradeable to 300 lbs.) Up to 600 lbs. of resistance for leg presses (with upgrade)
* Smooth, solid SpiraFlex® technology - developed first for use by astronauts to work out on the International Space Station
* Leg Curl - fold down the padded seat and you've got a gym-quality leg curl station
* Ultra smooth, built-in rowing machine for calorie-burning, cardiovascular warm-up and cool-down
* Preacher Curl - use it to isolate your biceps and work your upper arms more efficiently than is possible with free weights
* Dual variable Freedom Arms - pivot a full 170 degrees to offer a full range of exercises for your upper body
* Space-efficient design - easily fits in areas and rooms with normal ceiling heights
* 10-Year Limited Warranty, 6-Week Fitness Results Guaranteed.

Along with the new resistance on the Revolution, Bowflex incorporated pivoting arms that rotate a full 170 degrees. These new arms allow you effectively mimic free weight and dumbbell training, are great for core training, and make the machine effective for functional strength training movements that are applicable to recreational sports and everyday life.

The only drawback to the Bowflex Revolution is the price of the machine. It's high enough that some people won't even consider buying one, and that's too bad - they'll miss out on one of the best home gyms on the market.

If you're in the market for a new home gym, I really think you should give the revolution a close look, it's a really nice machine that will last you for years and delivers a workout that rivals any health club quality workout you've ever done (and as a bonus you never have to leave your home).

Get the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym on sale.

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Welso Inversion Flex System

total home gym

Turn stress and tension upside-down with the Weslo Inversion Flex System. SAVE BIG! For thousands of years, Yoga masters have used inversion therapy to cure the aches and pains caused by day-to-day stress and body tension. Now you can experience the same thing in the comfort of your own home with this Weslo Inversion Flex System. Just strap yourself in and lean back... the padded foam easy-grip handlebars let you control your level of inversion with ease. Fully adjustable to handle most body shapes and sizes. The better Inversion System: Durable steel frame; Foam handlebars for a comfortable, easy grip; Adjustable foam ankle lock, height control and pivot bar; Safety nylon / cotton strap; Fold-away design for easy storage; Some assembly required; 48 x 27 x 78" assembled, weighs 52 lbs. Maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs. Order Today! Please Note: This is a Heavy / Bulky item. $5.00 for heavy / bulky shipping and handling will be charged in addition to regular shipping and handling.

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Total Gym 1700 Club

total home gym home gym Total Gym 1700 Club

Want to tone your entire body without buying a complete home gym? Check out the Total Gym 1700 Club, which helps you strengthen and sculpt every major muscle group in your body using a single glide board and a few handy attachments. The Total Gym 1700 Club works by making you lift a percentage of your body weight against gravity, making the resistance smooth and fluid. As your strength and conditioning improves, you increase the total resistance by boosting the incline, thus increasing the body weight lifted in the exercise. The Total Gym 1700 Club thus not only works your upper body, but also your lower body, abdominals, and even your cardiovascular system. And by reducing body fat and increasing the proportion of lean muscle mass in your body, the strength training effectively turns up the thermostat so that your body burns calories constantly.

The Total Gym 1700 Club also offers several handy attachments that add a new dimension to your workout: a Pilates bar that helps you improve your range of motion and balance; a weight bar that lets you add up to 75 pounds of additional free weights to intensify your workouts (weights sold separately); dip bars and press-up bars; and an exercise mat to help protect your floor. All it takes to get in great shape is 15 to 20 minutes per day, three to four times a week.

Key Features:

* Pilates Bar to add a new dimension to your workout by helping you improve your range of motion and balance
* Dip Bars and Press Up Bars add exercise versatility
* Exercise mat protects your floor
* A larger glideboard for workout comfort
* Wider tower for added stability
* Auto-lock height adjustment
* Exercise flip chart for easy reference while exercising

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Choose Your Best Home Gym Equipment

How to Set Up a Home Gym

A home gym can be a place where you exercise and lift weights, and a home gym is also a compact unit of equipment designed to allow you to perform many exercises at the one station. These are also called 'multi-gyms' -- workstations designed to fit into a spare room, basement or garage so that you can do weight training at home. I’ll mostly use the term multi-gyms or ‘multis’ in this article.

The most-popular, mid-range multi-gyms usually include the following:

-- adjustable bench for sitting or reclining
-- stacked metal weights with pin selection for load
-- pulldown bars mainly for the lat pulldown back exercise
-- press bars for pushing and pulling, for shoulders, arms and back
-- leg extension system for quadricep muscles of the thigh
-- leg curl system for exercising the hamstrings at back of the thigh
-- seated cable row system for back and arms exercise.

Types of Home Gym Setups

You have many options in setting up a home gym, but the choices for weight training mostly fall into the categories below. Aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills, rowers and stationary bikes are always options; but for now I’ll concentrate on strength training equipment.

1. Combinations of portable equipment. Dumbbells, bench, balls, steps, bands, mats, ab workers etc. Nothing too complex here, just basic but extensible equipment. The Reebok Weight Bench with included dumbbell set is a popular starter.
2. ‘Free weight’ stations. Adjustable benches, power racks for holding barbells, dumbbells, barbells and plates (round weights). Mostly movable equipment for more heavy duty use.
3. Multi-gyms based on steel or composite bands and cords. The flexing band creates the resistance. Bowflex brand is best known, Weider Advantage is an example.
4. Total Gym concept. This idea uses an adjustable height, inclined bench and sliding seat platform that uses your own body weight to increase resistance. Example: Total Gym 1500.
5. Multi-gyms based on stacked weights. This most popular configuration uses a cable and pulley mechanism with stacked weights. You move the peg to select the weight. Example: Body Solid EXM series.
6. Multi-gyms with provision for free weight plates. The round weights are manually fitted to the barbell extensions. Example: Powertec Workbench. (Note: weights are extra.)
7. Smith machine multi combinations. The standard Smith machine uses a mechanism that constrains the bar in one vertical plane, unlike free-weight benches and racks. These home gym multis add additional attachments to achieve a versatile workstation. Example: Mega Smith System.

What Do I Want to Achieve?

To help you decide which way to go with gym equipment, you should consider what your goals and commitment are. If you're starting out with weight training, unless you're really sure of your requirements and commitment, I would recommend you try option '1' in the gym type list because there's a lot of unused, expensive equipment languishing in spare rooms because people got bored with it and went down to the gym instead. Now I didn't say 'because people gave up' -- that's not going to be you, right?

This tips originaly from Republished by Total home gym

Total home gym - Total Gym 1100

Total Gym 1100

total home gym total gym 1100

Want to tone your entire body without buying a complete home gym? Check out the Total Gym 1100...

Total Gym 1100 provides 60 different exercises to strengthen and tone your body. SAVE BIG! You've reached middle age when all you exercise is caution! Go ahead. Turn your body into a new you. This Total Gym 1100 is the answer to toning almost every major muscle group in your body. Build strength. Increase cardiovascular stamina. This single performance Total Gym 1100 by Fitness Quest does it all. It's one piece of time-tested equipment that replaces an entire gym. Right now, my volume buy saves you cash! Incredible workout unit: Get resistance training and cardiovascular workout on the same machine; Go easily from one exercise to the next (over 60 available); Padded and contoured glide board for workout comfort; Leg and multi-function attachments add variety; To increase resistance, simply raise the incline; Folds compactly to store under a bed or in a closet; Measures 55 1/2 x 18 1/4 x 9 1/4" h., weighs 69 lbs. Some assembly required. We recommend you consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. Total Gym 1100 for your home

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Home Gym Exercises For A Total Body Workout

When you are committed to getting yourself in shape there are several options you can choose. Most individuals feel exposed when they go to gyms or fitness centers so they decide to spare no expense in setting up a home gym. The important thing to realize when you have a home gym is that you will be in charge of your exercises and unless you hire one there will not a be a personal trainer. That means you have to be aware of the home gym exercises that will give you a total body workout. So what are these exercises, well read on.

There are at least three areas you should concentrate on those are cardio, flexibility, and strength training. This is the same whether you are male or female. The repetitions you will do and the amount of weight you use will be determined solely on your body type. Most women tend to use 3 to 5 pounds in weights when they first begin strength training, while men are normally around 10 pounds. Keep this in mind because you do not want to injure yourself when doing home gym exercises. So now that we know the three areas to concentrate on and the pounds required when you first begin your home gym exercises lets look at each one individually.

Cardio exercises are meant to keep your heart healthy. Cardio means you are exercising to increase your heart rate as well as lose weight. Some machines you will want to have in your home gym may include a stair climber, bike, or treadmill. These pieces of equipment are the best to keep your heart elevated for the cardiovascular part of your routine. Such things as running, hiking, swimming, and bicycling are outdoor activities that you can certainly bring in doors with a little bit of exercise equipment.

Next let's touch on flexibility. Flexibility exercises in your home gym are best done with things like yoga that teach you how to stretch your muscles and body. There are of course other programs that teach this, including Pilates. These programs are a step-by-step process that walks you through exercises. It is wise to start out with a beginning level program before moving up to more difficult exercises to give your muscles and body a chance to learn how to stretch and become more flexible. Flexibility helps to keep the blood flowing through your body. The more blood flow the more oxygen you receive and the better your body will feel. It will help your heart as well as help you breathe better and relax.

The third area of home gym exercise is the strength training. This is where exercise machines such as the bowflex come in handy or even dumbbells. Weights help enhance the strength in your arms, legs, and other muscles to keep your muscles toned and your bones strong.

Total home gym

Total home gym - Get Started with Your Home Gym

It is motivation that will in the first place induce you to endorse a weight loss program, and then incite your will power to stick to the regime. Now that you have invested in a home gym, it is clear that you are serious enough to pursue an exercise regime to lose weight and keep yourself fit. In order to reach your goal, you have to recharge your inner self with a fresh level of motivation everyday as it is a continuous process and you have to be consistent in your endeavors. Here we offer a few simple tricks to ignite your passion for success.

• Take up a journey through the past by leafing through the pages of an old album and look at how beautiful you used to look in those days. Select the photograph in which you looked your best and place it on the bedside table, so that it is the first thing you see on waking up. It will keep your motivation intact and you will find yourself spending more time at your home gym everyday.

• Then, it is always important to set a realistic goal. You have to accept the fact that at thirty you cannot get back the figure that you possessed in your teens because of a variety of biological reasons. But you can definitely stay in shape and remain healthy. So instead of setting an impossible target at once, set up small targets. For example never promise yourself never to gorge on chocolates in your life. It is an impossible promise to keep and breaking the promise will only lead to your despair and affect your motivation negatively. Instead, your promise to yourself should involve such little things as extra fifteen minutes at your home gym. The fulfillment of these small targets adds to the sense of achievement and will motivate you further in attaining your goals.

• Reward yourself to boost up your morale. Think of some small incentives for every small achievement. For instance, pamper yourself by watching a movie after you have fulfilled a target. On accomplishment of a more complex task, go for a short vacation and just like this, do anything that incurs a feeling of immediate gratification and you will soon find yourself becoming more and more enthusiastic in your efforts.

• Also keep the company of people who are supportive of your efforts; they will fill you with a positive vibe. On the other hand, strictly avoid those people who are cynical and poke fun at your pursuits.

• The final and most important motivational tip is to keep a positive mind and repeat these words several times a day, “I will do it”. This will keep you charged with motivation all through your fitness program.

The Bowflex Home Gym System

The Bowflex has been first make popular through the media of the Infomercial, which is a 30 minute television presentation. It is now being broadcast all over the Internet in a variety of ways, including in consumer forums and consumer reviews.

If anyone want to learn about the Bowflex machine all then have to do is search with the word “Bowflex” in a favorite Internet Web browser. A well of useful information is available to those who want to tap into the information about the latest developments about the Bowflex home gym machine.

Some websites representing the Bowflex home gym have links to review articles as well as a photo describing the attributes that make the Bowflex machine so popular. Also there are articles on this site representing the amazing capability of the Bowflex machine to withstand all kinds of pressure.

One article posted on Bowflex tells how that person’s household Bowflex machine survived a hurricane. The story regarding the capability of the Bowflex to withstand a hurricane was told by Sean Cuda of Orlando Florida. The hurricane that occurred in Orlando Florida where Sean lives happened at approximately 9 p.m. This hurricane had blown down a 110 pine tree on top of this family’s house and garage but the Bowflex machine remained unharmed.

The Bowflex machine was said to have saved the rest of the garage as well as the kitchen and the home office attached to the garage. The way that the Bowflex machine was stores actually kept the roof and walls from collapsing.

Those who are interested in purchasing a Bowflex home gym and want to learn more about the quality of the Bowflex machine can refer to this story. Quotes from the owner of this machine are available for use as well. This information is noted at the Bowflex website.

This is such an amazing story and is one that can help build anyone’s confidence in the Bowflex home gym system. Other user reviews of the Bowflex system are available on the Bowflex Equipment website as well.

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Total home gym - The Truth About Horizon Treadmills

Hopefully you have not entered at this article hoping a rave review of Horizon treadmills. however the company, has been around for a long time it seems their treadmills have not kept up with the evolving fitness equipment scene. In my idea horizon treadmills should not be considered for your home gym.

At between $700 and $1,400 some people might say that because they are a cheap treadmill you shouldn't be desiring too much. However I think if you are seriously considering setting up your own home gym then you should be expecting a treadmill that is :

a) going to perform and

b) last longer than the time to your next birthday.

Sure it's a cheap brand but you might not be saying that after you fork out for the costly repairs!

The main problem with the machines is that they are manufactured in China. Although this keeps the cost of production down it also results in less than favorable quality.

Don't let the good looks of these machines fool you. Remember if you are looking for a cheap way into the home gym scene then you must do some decent research into the brand and products themselves. Horizon treadmills look good new but they won't look so good sitting in your house collecting dust!

Don't get me wrong, there are some decent, cheap treadmills around but they are few and far between. You are much better off in the long run getting something that costs slightly more but won't breakdown at the first hint of hard work.


As I have mentioned above, Horizons are cheap, discount treadmills. Their machines range from $700 to $1,400. At this price they will appeal to people looking for a bargain. They are good looking machines.


Being made in China their quality has a lot to be desired. Their looks and low price can be deceiving to a beginner so don't be fooled.


I don't recommend Horizon treadmills. You are far better off saving up for a slightly more expensive but better quality treadmill that will still be working a year down the track.

Well there you have it. Hopefully this article has made you think about Horizon treadmills carefully. Always remember to do you own due diligence before buying a cheap treadmill.